Experience moments of pure indulgence with the luxurious Re-Nutriv Collection. If you’ve ever wondered “Is luxury skincare worth it?” shop this high-performance luxe beauty line featuring exclusive and rare ingredients that can be a gamechanger for your skincare routine. Re-Nutriv moisturizers, eye creams, repair serums and masks also make great luxury beauty gifts for any high-end beauty lover in your life. Expand your luxe beauty routine with Re-Nutriv Makeup, featuring the extraordinary Ultra-Radiance Liquid Foundation SPF 20.

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What is Re-Nutriv?

Indulgent. Rare. Unforgettable. Re-Nutriv is our most prestige range of anti-aging luxury skincare and makeup products. If you want to invest in our very best, Re-Nutriv contain rare and precious ingredients that help transform your skin. From deeply nourishing moisturizing cremes to sculpting and lifting serums and eye care, there are a range of luxury formulas to help you live a life of extraordinary beauty.

What are some ingredients in Re-Nutriv?

What makes luxe beauty products stand out from the rest are its extraordinary ingredients. Re-Nutriv formulas feature some of the most rare and high-performance skincare ingredients you can find on the market.

Black Diamond Truffle Extract
Our exclusive Black Diamond Truffle Extract, has been shown through in vitro testing to help skin stimulate its natural energy and visible vitality. Harvested at the season’s peak. Extracted within days for maximum potency. The power of each truffle is unlocked through an intricate process of fine-milling and ultra-purification, commissioned by Re-Nutriv.

Precious Gentian Extract
We extract and harness the precious energies of the Precious, a remarkable flowering plant that is indigenous to the Himalayas. The result is our exquisite Precious Gentian Extract, with a concentrated “survival molecule” and the power to boost a natural protein vital for skin’s structure.

Energizing Peridot Stone
Estée Lauder Research has shown this translucent green gem helps boost skin’s natural energy for renewed vibrancy and radiance.** Transform your skin with the look of pure light streaming through precious gems for a flawless, jewel-like radiance.
**In vitro testing

What Re-Nutriv products are right for me?

Experience the indulgence of Re-Nutriv for yourself. Not sure which Re-Nutriv products are right for you? Read on to learn more.

For flawless, radiant and diamond-brilliant skin, explore the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Collection. Featuring the exclusive Black Diamond Truffle Extract, the next-generation anti-aging power of Ultimate Diamond transforms skin for a more sculpted, even-toned perfected look.

Want to breathe new life into dull-looking, aging skin? Endlessly regenerate the radiant bloom of youth with the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Collection, powered with Precious Gentian Extract. Skin feels firmer and strengthened against future signs of aging. Looks more lifted, less lined.

Interested in Re-Nutriv Makeup? Experience the Re-Nutriv Ultra-Radiance Liquid Foundation SPF 20. This luxurious liquid foundation offers radiance with every drop. Powerfully infused with Re-Nutriv’s advanced skincare technology and the radiant power of 2 precious Peridot stones,* it leaves skin soft, supple and smooth. Skin looks more even. Imperfections and pores seem to disappear.

Book a 1-on-1 virtual consultation to discover the complete Re-Nutriv Collection with an Estée Lauder expert.
*Based on the average weight of our Peridot stones.